2 years to 3 years

Our dedicated Dolphins 2 years to 3 years room is a warm and inviting learning space for children to grow and develop. The educational program runs a morning and afternoon program. Each play room has a familiar and predictable routine that includes active play times, quiet times to chill out, meal times, nappy changing, toileting and a sleep routine.

Children are supported and encouraged to grow strong healthy bodies and a love for learning. Every child will take a unique path to their learning and development. Daily yoga classes will help to teach children breathing techniques to calm their emotions and regulate their behaviour. These are skills children will use throughout their life.  
Our educators are bright happy inspiring people who have been handpicked to work with children aged 2 to 3 because of their experience and specialised training in early childhood development.

At this age children will be learning how to use their language skills to communicate with adults, educators and peers. Friendships are formed with sharing and turn taking while sharing play themes.

Our chef prepares good wholesome fresh food to fuel growing bodies. Young children need good nutrition, plenty of fresh food & water, educational stimulation, care/ nurture and rest times.

Our beautiful outdoor gardens are a great place for young children to explore. The sand pit is situated in a quiet area in the yard so that young children can dig, manipulate and make food with the sand. The area has bikes, prams, painting and climbing equipment to keep our bright children happy and engaged in learning.

Children continue to enjoy singing and playing with musical instruments. Their art work begins to have a purpose, long brush strokes are painted across the canvas, and they enjoy experimenting with colours and textures.

At this age children begin to draw themselves and their family. They are busy learning and sometimes they find controlling their emotions very hard. The children are taught breathing techniques with our in house daily yoga classes. They are learning to ordinate their large muscles to climb, run, dig in the sand pit, dance, ride a bike and enjoy the freedom of play. They will be learning rhyming finger songs which help to stimulate neuron connections in their brain. The play area will be set up to include a home area with dolls, tea set, dress ups and prams. The play area also has a large comfy mat with soft cushions, cupboards that house a variety of different sized wooden blocks, people, cylinder and cars and trucks. The library is situated in a quiet area in the room. From time to time children need quiet areas to withdraw and listen to a story or simply have some time to play.

Children will be taken on daily walking outings in the local community to build up their stamina and enjoy a walk to the park, library or local shops. Children are so busy learning how to connect with their inner self and extend their wellbeing.

Swimming and pit gym, are added curricula learning experiences paid by the parents, these are optional.

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