Collard's Childcare & Kindergarten - Mill Park - STEAM

STEAM Learning

S = Science
T = Technology
E = Engineering
A = Art
M = Mathematics

At Collard’s we are committed to providing children with a play-based, well-rounded and STEAM focused education. STEAM education is an intentional focus on enabling children to think critically, solve problems, anticipate cause and effect, and reason about the probability of an event.



Science and nature activities help children to better understand the environment they live in. Children learn all about science, by participating in making potions. Educators / teachers guide children to observe seasonal changes and the nature around them. Children learn to ask questions, explore how things work, make predictions & share their findings with each other.



Technology is part of our everyday world. We are very mindful about how we use technology in our educational program.  Technology can be creating and designing, with loose parts, watching and following, a yoga class, playing music, introducing sensory toys with lights and buttons, and cause and effect for babies. The children of today will be the designers of programs & new technology of the future.



 Engineering is about stimulating the developing brain, using open ended play activities, to create, problem solve, plan, design, and build.  



Art is all about the children having fun and creating a lifelong passion for creativity. Art activities foster brain development, extend communication, listening, attention, and imagination skills. These activities can enhance mental health and wellbeing. Open ended art activities, support children’s agency and develop the creative side of the brain.



Mathematics is used in everyday activities to build the child’s inquiring mind. Math is patterning, sequencing, exploring shapes, numbers, volume, and size. Educators/ teachers guide and support children, to point and recognise, numbers, shapes, and patterns. The perceptual motor program aims to develop a child’s perceptions and understandings of themselves and their world through movement and motor experiences.