Collard's Childcare & Kindergarten Routines

Predictable and planned daily routines create a safe and fun environment for children to move from one part of the educational program to another part. The routine is set to be flexible in its design so that educators can teach in that moment where children had made a new discovery. At the same time children & educators know the order of the day. The indoor and outdoor play spaces are designed to be calm and inviting and active and adventurous.

Outdoor excursions are planned in consultation with parents, families, children and educators. Parents are always informed of the daily planned excursions.

Walking to the local library to barrow books, walking to the local shopping centre to shop, visiting the old age people across the road, catching the bus to the train station, travelling on the train to the zoo, catching a bus to Bundoora animal farm, walking to Plenty Parklands primary school to participate in transition to school program and much more. You will see that each child’s playroom is designed to suit the age and development stage of your child, the diversity of the educators, children, families, the wider community and are filled full of laughter, fun and educational resources.

Every room caters for all aspects of children’s learning including physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic. Children’s learning is dynamic and complex and the centre’s environment is designed for this.

As your child grows and develops so will their needs, interests and abilities. To cater for this, your child will gradually transition to the next room, after consultation with you. Our transitioning procedure includes communication with families and involves educator’s careful assessment of your child’s records to ensure they are ready for the next step and then short visits to the new room to ensure a smooth transition.

Allocation of two primary educators:

We allocate 2 main educators who will be your child’s main caregivers and teachers.   This will ensure that a familiar educator is there to meet and greet you in the morning and do a quick handover and share the events of the day with you at home time. Routines and learning experiences are developed in consultation with parents. Our skilled educators use all the information collected at the time of enrolment, to plan a developmentally appropriate play based learning program for your child.

At the time of enrolment you will be introduced to the daily operations of the centre, including things like the staff roster, incursions, excursions and family events. We are very keen to hear about your child’s growth and development and daily routines.

During the orientation sessions, you and your child will get to know the educators who will be caring and teaching your child. This will help you both to settle into our centre and get to know the daily routine and give you the opportunity to tell us all about your child.  Together we complete a questionnaire which focuses on learning all about your child, their likes & dislikes, their home routine, how they like to go to sleep and much more.

You will also see first-hand how our centre operates and see other children actively engaged in learning /play experiences, meal times and resting/sleeping routines.

Collard's Childcare & Kindergarten - Mill Park -  Routines

Collard's Childcare & Kindergarten - Mill Park