PIT Gymnastics 2-5 year olds


We are excited about partnering with Pit Gymnastics Mill Park to offer our families a gym program that caters for children ages 2-5 years. Children of this age group are ready for more formal independent learning and therefore, parents do not have to participate in this class. Boys and girls in this class are offered a more structured and formal lesson which aims to improve fine and gross motor co-ordination, in readiness for entry into Kindergarten and their first year of prep at school.

Collard Family Kindergarten Mill Park Gymnastics

The class involves:

  • Gross motor skills such as swinging, springing, rocking, rolling, jumping and landing
  • Small motor skills
  • Basic gymnastic skill progression for forward rolls, handstands and cartwheels 
  • Fun and interest gymnastics activities

The benefits are:

  • Balance
  • Motor co-ordination
  • Strength
  • Locomotion
  • Self Confidence

Collard's Childcare & Kindergarten - Mill Park